Dream destinations

Take a look at some of our pick of five incredible travel itineraries.

Whether it’s taking on the extreme conditions of Antarctica, navigating around the astonishing beauty of Corsica to the magic of the French Riviera, or exploring the sheer beauty of the Greek islands, here is our pick of five incredible cruise itineraries.

Athens to Santorini

Athens to Santorini

7 Days
Cruising the Emirates
Cruising the Emirates - 9 Days

The fjords of the Musandem penislular are more reminiscent of the Dalmatian Islands in the Adriatic Sea than anything you’ll find in Norway or more northern latitudes.

French Riviera to Corsica
French Riviera to Corsica - 7 Days

Mixing the South of France with Corsica is the perfect itinerary. Corsica, the famous birthplace of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, has one of the most stunning coastlines in the world.

Alaska Icy Straits
Alaska Icy Straits - 8 Days

In Southeast Alaska is the largest national forest in the United States – home to grizzly bears, black bears, mountain goats, bald eagles and wolves.

Riviera Magic
Riviera Magic - 12 Days

The unique position of the French Riviera, between the Mediterranean Sea and the French Alps, creates a micro-climate that makes the weather incredibly pleasurable.