"The Objects of Neraida Tell us a Story", in the context of the International Museum Day 2017

What stories lie in the Neraida's past? What are the memories that her exhibits bear?

Known and unknown snapshots of the vessel's history will be revealed during the four thematic guided tours which will mark the occasion of International Museum Day 2017.

The International Museum Day is an anniversary event of international concern, that is every year dedicated to a different thematic, related to musems and the protection of cultural heritage. In 2017 the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has selected the thematic "Museums and controversial stories: museums speak for what cannot be said".

13 & 14 May, 20 & 21 May at 18:00.

Attendance is free.

Register now by sending an e-mail to 
There will be a first-come-first serve priority list.


The Neraida Floating Museum opens again at the Flisvos Marina

The Neraida Floating Museum returns to Flisvos Marina and opens once again her doors to the public.

Opening hours:

Friday: 17:00-20:30 (last entrance 20:00)

Saturday: 11:00-18:00 (last entrance 17:30)

Sunday: 12:00-18:00 (last entrance 17:30)

The Museum -with the collaboration of John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation- organizes the educational program named ‘Sailing on the Neraida. A Game Aboard’ for children aged 6-12 years, families or schools.

The program includes team activities and games by specialized museum instructors.

The children have the chance to explore the historic ferries of the Saronic Gulf, become familiar with the history of the Greek shipping and investigate various topics such as travelling and the sea, communication and transport, people and memories.

More information:


Talos Shipyards

Talos Shipyards is one of the largest shipyards in the Eastern Mediterranean comprising 1.500m of docks and piers, 15.000sq.m of buildings and structures on 88.000sq.m of land. Competitive pricing for alongside berthing and all year mooring for large vessels up to 300m make the facility one of the most attractive yards for repairs and maintenance in the region. Talos Shipyards is committed to provide the highest service standards at a secure environment only 25km from downtown Athens and less than 40 min from Athens International Airport.



PrivatSea at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016

PrivatSea has successfully participated to the 26th Monaco Yacht Show, a spectacular exhibition that every year reflects the constant changes and new trends in the yachting industry.

This year more than 580 companies participated covering all sectors of the industry, 125 mega yachts were on display including 40 new builds launched in world premiere.

Our executives had the chance to explore and the latest trends in naval architecture, technology, yacht accessories and even luxury transportation and aviation companies.


PrivatSea at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016

After participating at the Monaco Yacht Show for the last 11 years, PrivatSea is pleased to announce that will be part of the world’s most prestigious yachting event.

For the third time, the Company will co-exhibit with Flisvos Marina, the mega yacht destination in Greece, at Parvis Piscine, Stand QP19.

From September 28 to October 1, PrivatSea’s executives will have the opportunity to meet professionals from the yachting industry and discover the latest market trends.




Monaco Grand Prix 2016

PrivatSea has hosted its latest event at the Principality of Monaco during the Grand Prix race on 29th May.  It was held at the newly established PrivatSea office at Immeuble Les Caravelles, 25 Boulevard Albert Premier, enjoying the full panoramic view of the racing cars, enthusiastic supporters, ambiance and the port of Monaco.


PrivatSea at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015

PrivatSea was pleased to participate for the 11th consecutive year at the Monaco Yacht Show - the world's most prestigious yachting event. In 2015, the Show had a record of 34.500 visitors, 120 superyachts on display, 582 exhibitors and partners from the world’s leading luxury yachting companies, amongst which the trendiest superyacht builders, yacht designers, luxury manufacturers and the most important brokerage houses.

MonacoYachtShow 2015 Stand detail

The stand was paired with Athens’ Flisvos Marina, Greece’s mega-yacht destination, exhibiting at the exclusive Parvis Piscine and presenting the Company’s range of fully integrated services and facilities.

The event gave PrivatSea a chance to connect with suppliers and subcontractors while discovering the latest market trends in the world of superyachts.


PrivatSea at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015

 For the 11th consecutive year, PrivatSea is proud to be part of the world's most prestigious yachting event - the Monaco Yacht Show. The Company is exhibiting with Flisvos Marina -the mega yacht destination in Greece and winner of many international awards- at Parvis Piscine, Stand QP19.


Interview with the President of Privatsea

Privatsea President Interview Page 1

Privatsea President Interview Page 2

Privatsea President Interview Page 3

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Neraida Floating Museum visits Leonidio after 40 years

Neraida Floating Museum sails back to Leonidio, almost 40 years after her last visit and will be open to welcome visitors from the 1st until the 8th of September 2015. An educational program for children aged 6 to 12 will be carried on board daily 10:30 to 11:30.

 The passenger vessel “Neraida” was built as “Laurana” in 1939 at the Cantieri Navali Del Quarnaro Shipyards in the then Italian city of Fiume (today Rijeka, Croatia). She was used for coastal shipping routes at the Adriatic Sea and as a rescue ship during World War II. After she was captured by the British, she was used for the coastal service between Malta and Syracuse.

 In 1949 she was purchased by John Latsis and, after restoration works, she was routed in the Argosaronic Gulf line and renamed “Neraida” (which means fairy in Greek). This route, that includes Aegina, Methana, Poros, Hydra, Hermioni and Spetses, was serviced by the “Neraida” for about 25 years, carrying locals and tourists. Frequently, the route was expanded, in order to include other destinations as well, such as Leonidion, Monemvasia and Epidavros.

After her withdrawal from the line in 1974, she remained ashore for about 35 years without being taken for scrap, as her owner John Latsis recognized her importance for his first steps in the business world. In 2007, four years after her owner’s death, the “Neraida” was transported to NCP Shipyards at Sibenik, Croatia, for her conversion into a floating museum. Refurbishment works were completed in 2010 and the vessel returned to the Greek waters.

In the summer of 2013 the vessel raised the Greek flag again and in September she once again sailed for her traditional route : Spetses, Hermioni, Hydra, Poros, Methana and Aegina. As a museum, she welcomed thousands of visitors, presenting her owner’s history as well as her own. Until today 28.000 people have visited the historical vessel.

Neraida will be berthed in Leonidio in collaboration with the Municipality of South Kynouria, as part of the cultural events for the Feast of Eggplant, held on Saturday, August 29th 2015. For more information, please visit the following websites:

Visiting hours: / Municipality:


Chef Ahoy!

Chefs article Page 1

Chefs article Page 2

Chefs article Page 3

Chefs article Page 4


PrivatSea at the Monaco Yacht Show

PrivatSea team is pleased to announce the participation at the Monaco Yacht Show -the world’s most prestigious yachting event- for the 11th consecutive year.

The company will exhibit at Parvis Piscine, Stand QP19 together with Flisvos Marina, the mega yacht destination in Greece.

From September 23 to 26 the PrivatSea team will have the opportunity to connect with the mega yacht industry professionals, be informed about the latest concepts and new trends helping to provide to Owners the highest quality of services.



Neraida Floating Museum

Neraida Floating Museum is berthed at the Flisvos Marina from May 15 2015 and will be open to welcome visitors from Thursday 21st of May 2015.
In 2007, the family of John S. Latsis agreed to convert the “Neraida”, a historic passenger vessel, into a floating museum with the John Latsis’s business history as its main exhibitional axis.
In September 2007 the vessel was transported at Sibenik, Croatia. Its restoration and conversion lasted almost 2 years and, on April 29, 2010, the vessel returned to Greece.
Recognizing the vessel’s importance for his business startup, John Latsis and his family never sent the “Neraida” for scrap, but instead kept her decommissioned at the Eleusis port facilities for over 30 years.
Today, the “Neraida” sails proudly again, being a monument of the history of Greek coastal shipping, an impressive sample of an old hull’s restoration and, most importantly, a business history museum of her master.

Thursday & Friday: 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 - 15:30 & 17:00-21:00


PrivatSea at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014

The 2014 Monaco Yacht Show marked a decade of attendance by PrivatSea to the most prestigious yachting event in the world. Having our 117m outstanding pedigree yacht Turama at anchor throughout the show gave us the opportunity to invite brokers and business partners to enjoy our warm hospitality. More than 50 visitors came on-board and were guided around the vessel by our Sales and Chartering staff and discussed with the experienced Captain and crew possible charters and services.

On the stand we had the opportunity to give a comprehensive understanding of our fully integrated services and facilities and to link our oceans of experience. We also had the pleasure to welcome various representatives of companies with whom we collaborate with as well as a number of new ones. These meetings gave us the chance to refresh and keep updated with new manufacturers, equipment, commodities and technologies.

In addition, throughout the show we managed to meet new prospective crew members to add to our extensive data base having the time to present our company and its standards. Flisvos Marina co exhibited for the first time giving us another perspective of our extended services, as they cater to the mooring needs of mega yachts. With great enthusiasm PrivatSea Team looks forward to yet another fulfilling year.



PrivatSea at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014

PrivatSea has had a strong presence in the world’s most prestigious yacht exhibition – The Monaco Yacht Show – since 2004.

The high end quality of the show is guaranteed by the strict selection of the exhibiting companies: more than 500 major companies representing all sectors of luxury yachting and 105 of the latest spectacular mega yachts afloat exhibited every year.

This year PrivatSea will be exhibiting with Flisvos Marina -the mega yacht destination in Greece and winner of many international awards- at Parvis Piscine, Stand QP19.



Neraida Floating Museum in Nafplion

Neraida -the most historic and remarkable ship amongst the fleet of PrivatSea- will be berthed in Nafplion from August 25 2014 to September 12 2014 in order to welcome visitors to the museum.

Neraida was built in 1939 in Italy and after a decade of adventures -including service in the World War II- she was bought by John Latsis and served on the Argosaronic Gulf line. She hosted politicians and celebrities and appeared in many Greek and foreign films, but she never ceased to be the “little ship” that carried passengers to their destinations. In 2007 it was decided to refit the historic vessel and convert her into a floating museum focusing on the entrepreneurial activities of John Latsis while providing insight into the Greek contemporary business history. 

During early summer Neraida was berthed in Marina Flisvos where she welcomed 14,500 Visitors in a period of 3 months. The visit of the floating museum is organized by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, with the collaboration of the Municipal Organization Sport, Culture, Tourism and Environment Forum of Municipal Nafplio (D.O.P.P.A.T.), Municipality of Nafplion.

Visiting hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00-15:00 & 18:00-22:00

Last admission 14:20 & 21:20



PrivatSea Headquarters

PrivatSea headquarters moved to one of the most exclusive marinas of the Mediterranean, Flisvos Marina. In addition to the offices in Geneva, French Riviera, Jeddah and London PrivatSea is now present in the heart of the mega yacht destination of the Western Mediterranean, Flisvos Marina. Here, the team of PrivatSea will be able to offer their full scale services and prompt assistance not only to the mega yachts under management but also to third party super and mega yachts visiting or berthing in Greece.

The company offers expert advice and integrated solutions in all aspects of the yachting industry: operational management, charter and sales, design and engineering, conversions and new builds, berthing and shipyard services as well as general agency services. VIP concierge is also one of the expertises of the company having had extensive experience on VVIP handling in Greece and abroad for more than 30 years.


Project Ninety Five: For a smarter owner

Words by Martin H. Redmayne

There is wave of interest, and almost obsession by the world’s media, with who owns the largest, fastest and most expensive toys, assets, properties and fortunes. But in today’s new economy and putting wealth to one side, the next generation is all about being recognised for what you do and not by what you own.

Smart wealth can be defined as people who are turned off by conspicuous consumption and excess, and who want to do something with their money that makes a difference or challenges convention.

There is a regular series of lists published in the yachting press each year that celebrates and chronicles the Top 100 – the largest private and commercial yachts, which is invariably dominated by Gulf and Middle Eastern-owned state yachts, oligarchs or Wall Street masters of the universe. The Top 100 is used by many as a statement of wealth, even to the point that you can find a ranking checker to see if your yacht makes the list and to find out where you fit, who is your biggest neighbour and what size you need to be to enter the game.

Having looked more closely at the list, I was recently introduced by PrivatSea Projects to a concept that could launch an intelligent owner onto the Top 100 for the price of an average 100-foot yacht. Imagine spending 4.5 million euros on a yacht, then budgeting a further 10 million euros for styling, upgrades and a 10-month refurbishment programme. In the current economy, you may end up with a 40-metre yacht that sits amongst a fleet of hundreds of other 40-metre yachts. However, if you’re intelligent, you may consider the following idea and leap frog owners who have spent a hundred million euros on a gargantuan new yacht that costs a fortune every year to run, moor and maintain.

You could buy M/Y Khozam and rename it Project 95, which is exactly where it would sit in the Top 100 list. This is a real ship that is currently in Greece and in need of a smart client to invest in her interior and exterior, transforming her into a unique, floating platform for exploring and enjoying the world. At 77.4m in length overall, a beam of 13.2m and a cruising range of 9,000 miles, this impressive Project 95 could gracefully and powerfully move from anchorage to anchorage, transferring any manner of equipment, including submarines, remote power generators, a regionally focused exclusive school and even a mobile laboratory or private medical centre. It could even emerge as a private headquarters to a unique mobile business enterprise that always sits offshore. The world becomes your oyster.

Essentially, when you scratch the surface of this majestic opportunity and look beneath her ship-like exterior, you uncover some 2000-plus gross tons of potential; the opportunity to regenerate a powerful yacht that not only makes a statement, but with some intelligent planning and engineering could provide extensive private spaces for your yacht needs, combined with equally vast technical, storage and research focused spaces for a myriad of global causes. Travelling the planet in ultimate comfort but delivering a rare philanthropic, health, research or eco-focused service to remote locations, being recognised as a good cause with concerns for those who need help, not a conspicuous cause for concern due to excess consumption.

It is this creative mission that inspires the next generation of owners. Being seen in all the right places is old news and no longer a good image, however, being seen doing something right in all of the good places is a better image. Even a billionaire with style, taste and social responsibility who can easily afford to join the Top 100 with a new yacht could stop and stare, thinking about Project 95.
Rather than spend 100 million euros, invest 4.5 million in an existing yacht, spend the right amount of money bringing her up to service quality and then spend the remaining 80 million euros doing great things and feeling good about yourself.

This is philanthropic yachting and is more accepted and respected by the yachting world today. The concept of delivering a worthwhile legacy that is recognised by peers and the press is surely a worthwhile consideration for any owner with a manageable ego.

Having understood what Khozam can become, it is clear she is intended for a smart individual who can see beyond the dull commercial topsides. The potential buyer will see a project that inspires and excites communities wherever she goes and, in very simple terms, launch a smart owner all the way up the fleet to 95th slot on any of the Top 100 lists. If being on a list floats your boat, this is a new way of looking at it. Be the person on the list who stands out for the right reason. Don’t be well-known for how much you have spent or how much money you have wasted on gold leaf or rare woods, but for how much you have given back to the planet through weather or ocean-related investigations, or how much support you have given to a desperate community on a remote island in the Pacific. Be famous for having the biggest smartest yacht on the planet, not infamous for having the most extravagant yacht that sits in an expensive harbour doing nothing for 50 weeks a year. If this is you, then Project 95 is your future.